Initial draft of the current tv bench.


The target is to build a TVbench with integrated power and media distribution. The heart of the system/furniture is a LED Samsung TV, a Raspberry Pi, possible 7.1 USB soundcard and speakers with amplifiers. At the end the furniture should just have one Powercable and one Ethernet cable visible.

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Starting out with several ideas, this is the brainstorming so far. We would like to build a nice looking bench modeled after the IKEA bench we have. We need to arrange cable management. The heart of the system would be all passively cooled components. The heart of the system is currently a Raspberry Pi running raspbmc. Now the current setup has an old CD player, amplifier and speakers in and on the bench. The bench also has a wifi access-point to provide connectivity to the ground floor.

The starting point.

Initial cable situation.

We do not want to do large boxes anymore and we do not want to put a large A/V receiver in the bench. We hope to get the same functionality with smaller and cheaper components. The first ideas for HD sound involves the Xonar U7, which was seems to be the first product to hit Europe. We did already see the Cirrus Logic® CS4398 DAC in some products from Asia. The current price for the Xonar U7 (2013-11-28) is ~ € 88.

Solving cabling and amplifier speaker solution is still open.