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Fredrik Unger



I have used Scribus for years to produce special purpose documents. Together with some other PDF tools I have been able to easily design pages where the Docbook XSLT makes it more difficult. The WYSIWYG tool makes it easier to design the document.


Scribus is an Open Source desktop publishing application.

Scribus Templates

I have a very limited collection of templates for Scribus. These were created with version 1.4.3. For the document I used the Cardo 1.04 font.

DIN 5008

Needing to write more letters, especially for German recipients I decided to make two base template for DIN 5008. The A and the B Form. The initial versions can be found here DIN_5008_A.sla and DIN_5008_B.sla and if there is interest I can put them in a git repository for collaboration.