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A Creative Commons Licenced Docbook Article

Fredrik Unger


This documents try to inclue ways to express the copyright license of the document and the document objects using the Creative Commons licences. It tries to expand the copyright tag in a natural way and provide expected output via an xsl stylsheet extention.

Many documents online created with docbook is using Creative Commons license. To simplify its use, CC licensing, and inclusion of images etc would maybe increase the use of the license.

Including an image in the document

Beskrivning saknas

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The document cc.en.xml is the source for document cc.html generated with the cc.xsl extention stylesheet. To accomodate this change in the content model the cc.rnc was used to validate the document. The changes were devloped under Debian and the Docbook distribution stylesheets and schema files are read from the default location. A Makefile is provided to generate the documents included in this distribution.

The original copyright content model includes only holder and year. The creative commons expresses other information important to the copyright as well.

To properly accomodate creative commons the tag license was added. The optional information to the licence which can be provided in the CC licence tool were added using the holder element. An extra element might be needed to separate the holder from the CC attribute output. Or maybe the stylesheet can be changed to know the difference.

There are also licence information that can be taken from the Public domain tool and CC0 tool. Also the the ability to keep some rights were taken into account with the CC+ licence.

The markup suggestions can be used as a guideline in designing the docbook output.

Future work

This is an initial attempt to accomodate Creative Commons and other licenses in Docbook, using a method that will produce the needed output independent of target, including the known CC graphics.