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Setting up a web server (apache2)


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Apache2 is a large package. It can be configured to do a lot of things. Maybe not do your dishes, but I am not totally sure.

Setting up the htdocs structure for serving web pages

At a first basic step we would like to serve static pages. That is pretty straight forward, we just have to think about the basic setup and where on the file system our sites reside.

Serving xhtml pages to Internet Explorer 7 clients

This is a can of worms.

Using SSL for the web-server

We need to turn off that apache2 starts when booting and that is done by the command:

update-rc.d -f apache2

. This is needed to be done so that when SSL is configured the remote computer does not hang at boot waiting for the pass phrase for the SSL certificate. If we need to turn it on again we can do that with the command :

      apache2 defaults 91 09

. When the apache2 package is update the remove command has to be rerun.

Serving Subversion repositories

To be written.