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Building a server


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Since 2007 I have a private server running. I have tried to document all the services I have running and how I have configured them. It is running Debian stable as a base.

At the same time I also started to document my work to publish it for others to learn from. Time went by and the document never got finnished, and now I am merging it into this site to at least have publish some pointers. I will try to improve it along the way. It was originaly a docbook book but I have converted it to different articles for this site, providing the Table of Contents below.

As the world are turning to the cloud I was looking for a solution to share things between my computers, using standard protocols. I built my solution also to drive some communites, a smaller cloud for groups. This means that I would not need to start accounts on global services that might be free but at the end either can go away or will try to monetise the content and social graphs one puts there.

It means more system administration work, but also more privacy.

Internet server book

The book is currently not up to date. Some thing still applies but it will be rewritten in parts. The newest section Calenendarserver is up to date but not finished.