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Using a caldav client



This is meant to describe the easiest way to set up a caldav client to work with a community caldav server.

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First you need a client. There the problems start. If you are using Microsoft Outlook already you are in bad luck. It has calendaring but Microsoft have decided not to support the open stadard of caldav. It is unfortunate. For Microsoft Outlook there exists a commercial alternative, a program that syncs a calendar in Outlook with a caldav server. The iCal4OL application costs €20.00 for one simple license at the time of this writing. I am using it for a Outlook installation and it works well. It is a bit tricky to configure, but once configured it is a good solution.

Alternatives ? There are not that many. The Mac software works with caldav but as I do not own a Mac I currently have no experience with it. Mozilla used to make a freestanding client named sunbird. It works, but unfortunately it was discontinued in favor of a plugin for Thunderbird called Lightning.